Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Bicycling

We know Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is a friend to bicyclists.

Today he posted a pro-biking entry on his blog entitled Bicycling is only healthy when you ride safely.

It’s clear that bicycling is good for the environment…when it takes vehicles off the road. It’s also clear that bicycling is good for your health…when you practice safety.

May is National Bike Safety Month. As this Administration works to develop environmentally-sound transportation options, making our streets more bike-friendly is high on the list. Our roads and communities must be built to allow people to get around safely outside of their cars, on bike or on foot.

But, as more people take to bicycling, that idea can only be sound when drivers and cyclists help each other share the roads safely.

That’s great to read from the head of the Department of Transportation.

He also included these tips.

Motorists should:

  • Recognize that bicyclists have a right to ride on the roadway;
  • Stay alert and keep distractions to a minimum;
  • Make a complete visual check for bicyclists before entering or leaving a lane of traffic.

But, bicyclists have an obligation as well. They should:

  • Ride on the roadway, rather than on sidewalks;
  • Follow the same rules of the road as other vehicles;
  • Wear a bicycle helmet every time you ride;
  • Make yourself visible, day and night.

And because we welcome this pro-bicycling message, we’ll let him slide on the helmet “obligation”.


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