Oakland University starts a bike sharing program

Oakland University bike rack locationsMetromode media has an article discussing Oakland University’s new bike sharing program for students and staff.

Oakland University plans to start two new alternative transportation programs this fall: a bike-share and van-shuttle programs. These environmentally friendly services will be available to all university patrons for free.

The bike-share program is a student-led initiative that will depend on the honor system. It will feature 30 bicycles for on-campus use only at 30 different bike racks across the campus. The bikes will be stored in the winter term.

Another seven bike racks will be added to campus to facilitate the program. Student and university officials are also working on plans to make the commuter campus more bike-friendly by adding bike lanes and trails throughout the campus.

The university’s web site describes more about how it works.

Oakland University will provide this campus service at no cost to users. Using an honor system, the program offers the campus community 30 bikes and 30 designated bike rack stations. Students, faculty and staff will have access to the bikes from bike rack stations located throughout campus, ride and return the bikes to another bike rack. The bikes will be restricted to on-campus use.

Bikes will be provided from March to late October. Based on winter weather conditions the program may end sooner.

This is certainly a much welcomed endeavor. And Oakland University’s road network certainly could use bike lanes and improved non-motorized connections with the surround community.

Thanks to Jon Levin for passing along this information.

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2 Responses to “Oakland University starts a bike sharing program”

  1. Joel Batterman Says:

    It’s great to hear people are working to make biking easier on the Oakland campus. Bikes are an ideal mode of campus transportation for so many reasons.

    I do worry, however, that the honor system won’t work out. It’s a noble concept, but these programs typically only succeed at very isolated rural campuses. A more secure bike-share system, as recently seen at Chicago’s Saint Xavier University, would probably be better suited to Oakland’s situation: http://www.sxu.edu/Administrative/Facilities_Mgmt/green_bike.asp

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    That’s a good point, Joel. At first glance, the SXU system looks workable. Another lower tech (re: cheaper) solution would be the Buffalo Blue Bicycle system.

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