Cycling Negatives Worth Memorizing

Illustration from the League of American Wheelman BulletinOriginally published in the Good Roads Magazine, June 1901. A publication of the League of American Wheelmen. Note that “wheel” is another term for a bicycle while “scorch” means to race or ride fast. The emphasis on the last tip is our doing.

  • Don’t forget that it is just as far home as it is going out.
  • Don’t leave your wheel outside an office building. Someone may win it.
  • Don’t buy a wheel simply because it is cheap. Remember you have only one neck.
  • Don’t overdo things at the start. Cycling is a good thing but like every other good thing can be worked too much.
  • Don’t pay any attention to the big gear the fellow next door rides. Get one to suit your own style and strength and stick to it.
  • Don’t rely on the other fellow having an oil can or wrench. Better take one along for he may have forgotten his.
  • Don’t forget that you have a bell on your machine at the same time it is often better for you to go a little out of your way than to ring it.
  • Don’t take your wheel apart everytime you come home from a ride. Keep it clean and see that the nuts are tight a good wheel needs little else.
  • Don’t mind the road hog. He was born that way and it’s too late to teach him anything.
  • Don’t scorch on the city street. There is not much glory in it and besides it is expensive.
  • Don’t worry about the fellow with the big gear who gives you the ha ha on the level. Just lay for him on the next hill.
  • Don’t take any chances at street car crossings. It is much easier to go around a car than through it and besides it is far more comfortable.
  • Don’t leave your wheel at home when you can use it. You save expense get the exercise and are sure of a seat.
  • Don’t ride all over the street. Keep to your side of the road but be sure you get what is coming to you.
  • Don’t imagine you have the only wheel that was ever built. You haven’t. There are many others and just as good.
  • Don’t ride hands off on busy thoroughfares. If you must show off your fancy riding hire a hall. You have much more room and then again the price of admission will pay for repairs to self and wheel.
  • Don’t race on the park roads simply because the trotter ahead is going just as fast. This explanation is of very little use if you are the one caught.
  • Don’t think that cycling is a fad. It isn’t. It is a healthy and pleasurable means of transportation to be used when necessity or inclination so dictates.

— Jos Estoclet

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  1. Dave Reid Says:

    Very fun.. I love it…Did 30 miles today, and some of these tips are definitely worth keeping in mind.

  2. Josh Duggan Says:

    This may be one of the best lists of bicycling tips I have ever read! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t visited in awhile and your blog certainly is not helping me get stuff done today. 🙂

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