VW ‘Fun Theory’ video misses the obvious

The Detroit Free Press has an article on VW’s latest advertising efforts.

A viral marketing campaign for automaker Volkswagen explores a simple premise: Can people be snapped out of lazy behavior if they’re able to have a little fun?

A video of people forgoing an escalator for a more motivating musical staircase has been seen nearly 2 million times.

The hope is that viewers will associate trading their lazy ways with the perks of a new, more responsible experience — like, say driving an eco-friendly Volkswagen.

How about this conclusion, which seems fairly obvious to us: Driving a VW is like taking the escalator. It is the “lazy way” when nearly 40% of all U.S. trips are 2 miles or less.

The “new, more responsible experience” would be to ride a bike or walk.


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