Detroit bikes to work

There are three bike-to-work rides scheduled for this Friday in Detroit

  • Woodward Ave ride (Royal Oak/Ferndale/Midtown) to Campus Martius
  • Jefferson (Grosse Pointe/East Side/Rivertown) to Campus Martius
  • Michigan Ave ride (Dearborn/Mexicantown) to Campus Martius

All of the ride information, including the stops along each route, are included on the Detroit Synergy web site.

Information on volunteering for this event is also on the web site.

There’s are also bike-to-work events scheduled across Michigan. The Michigan Municipal League’s Let’s Save Michigan site has a good listing of those rides. You can also sign their pledge, though it’s unclear just what that does for you.

And, this Saturday is a Henry Ford bike to work day. As you may know, Ford was an active cyclist. In fact, he was the first bicyclist in Detroit to Share the Road with a motorist — Charles B. King. He often rode his bike to work as his house in the Boston-Edison neighborhood was conveniently located near both his Highland Park and Piquette factories.

This Saturday ride — as the flyer wisely notes was a work day back then — starts from Ford’s house and ends at the Piquette plant where the Model T was invented.

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