Detroit bike to work in the media

Detroit’s three major news networks provided video coverage of last Friday’s bike to work day in Detroit. One highlight is the?helicopter footage where we’re taking a lane on a ten-lane main state trunkline during rush hour and there’s only a sprinkling of traffic — a typical Motor City scenario.

Among them, it seems only Click on Detroit’s video coverage is on-line. Our favorite part is the reporter’s surprise in hearing how bike friendly the city of Detroit is.

And they’re telling me that Detroit, believe it or not, is a very bike friendly city. You would think that a city that produces cars would shy away from that. No, no, no. Detroit has wide streets. There’s not a lot of traffic. They do have to dodge some glass here and there, but for the most part, Detroit is a bike friendly city.

It wasn’t me who told them that, but thanks to whomever did.

And did you notice in the video coverage that the DDOT bus had a bike rack? DDOT’s newest buses came equipped with bike racks.

Their web site also had a poll asking, “Friday is Bike to Work day. Did you participate?” The results as of this writing were:

  • 64 (3%) Yes, I rode my bike to work.
  • 476 (22%) No, but I wanted to.
  • 1585 (75%) No, and I won’t.

It would be interesting to know why 22% wanted to but couldn’t. Is it because there’s no safe and convenient route? Too long?

The Metro Times also reported on the event with reporter Sandra Svoboda participating in the ride.

Altogether the three rides organized by Detroit Synergy drew sixty riders. While the morning temperature was warmer than typical, the forecasted rain showers may have dampened the turnout. The longest commuter meeting the group at Campus Maritus was Mike Darga from Northville (a 29-mile ride). Mike works for Giffels-Webster, one of the Detroit bike to work day sponsors. Giffels-Webster was the led firm that developed the city of Detroit’s non-motorized master pan.

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