Underground Railroad bicycle route gets a $20K boost

As mentioned before, the Adventure Cycling Association with help from MTGA and others are developing an Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. This route would be a 400-mile spur from the existing 2,100-mile route running from Alabama, through Buffalo, NY to Ontario.

Bicycle Retailer magazine is reporting that Adventure Cycling just received a $20K grant from REI to continue this routing effort.

The 400-mile alternate will run between Oberlin, Ohio, and Owen Sound, Ontario, according to a press release. Highlights on the new route include the historically rich communities of Sandusky, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

Running through northwestern Ohio, southern Michigan, and southern Ontario, the new cycling route will create a cultural heritage corridor centered on the storied Underground Railroad, offering education and recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

The article also recognizes the recent bike efforts in the city of Detroit.

An important highlight on the new route, Detroit has increasingly invested in bike lanes, greenways, urban agriculture, and natural parks. This cycling route will capitalize on these local efforts through tourism and outreach projects such as club rides, youth involvement, and health and history events at libraries, museums, and other sites after the route is completed.

Adventure Cycling has pulled together a very knowledgeable and passionate group of Underground Railroad stakeholders. Combined with the organization’s vast experience, this new route promises to be an exciting addition for cyclists wanting to combine history and bike touring.

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  2. Sandi Svoboda Says:

    Now if only that route could get to Canada from Detroit!

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