Hoekstra and biking

Dave Hurst started the conversation on his blog about Congressman and Michigan gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra and his patriotic bike logo.

Hoekstra has a history of successfully campaigning by bicycle, as his web site notes:

Pete being an avid biker decided when he first ran for Congress in 1992 that he would ride his bicycle throughout the entire 2nd Congressional District in an effort to connect with people where they lived and worked. Many supporters joined Pete on this initial bike tour and since then Pete has made a tradition of riding his bike through the district every summer, and many more have joined this tradition. In recent years, for instance, the bike tour has highlighted issues such as agriculture, alternative energy and growing small businesses. By biking from location to location Pete has been able to visit with people, schools, farms and businesses – hearing their voices and seeing the real impact local, state and federal government has on peoples daily lives.

And in his current run for Michigan governor, he’s back in the saddle. He’s been biking around the state, including places such as Hines Drive.

We didn’t see any rides in the city of Detroit, so we submitted one his Suggest a Route form. We suggested riding on Woodward from the Detroit Zoo to the Detroit RiverWalk. It’s just twelve miles and slightly downhill.

It just seems that any avid biker running for governor of Michigan should take a ride down M1 to get a better idea of the urban issues facing this state.

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3 Responses to “Hoekstra and biking”

  1. Everett Says:

    Another reason he should ride down Woodward, is the lack of diversity in that video is appalling, even for western Michigan.

  2. Hart Says:

    Too bad he’s a republican.

  3. Todd Scott Says:

    Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is a republican, too, (though I imagine some would debate that given his support for transportation choices and livability.)

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