Mower Gang to tackle old Dorais Velodrome

The Mower Gang, a self-professed “greatest gang of idiots to ever run a lawn tractor” is spending this Friday at 10AM to clean up the Dorais Velodrome. The velodrome is northeast of E. Outer Drive and Mound Road in Detroit. You need to walk into the park in order to see the track itself.

Or just listen for the sound of mowers on Friday.

According to Tom Nardone, the gang’s founder:

This Friday, August 6th, a couple of friends and I (the first official members of the Mower Gang) are going to attempt to revive Detroit’s abandoned Velodrome (banked bicycle racing track). The track is really overgrown, and needs some work, but since no one has used it in years, It should be a great project for us.

In fact, at around 5PM, the Detroit Free Press will be there to shoot some video of people playing on the track. If anyone wants to show up it would look good for all of us. People would find out about the Mower Gang ( and it would be fun. When else are you going to get to run hot laps around a huge banked oval?

Their web site notes that anyone is welcomed to join in.

All you have to do is show up to any of our events and bring some type of grass annihilation machine with you.

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5 Responses to “Mower Gang to tackle old Dorais Velodrome”

  1. Todd Scott Says:

    Freep article:

  2. mark Says:

    How long is it?

  3. Todd Scott Says:

    According to Wikipedia, it’s 325 meters with 24 degree banked turns.

  4. Alex Stchekine Says:

    As beat up as it is, it’s still a blast to ride!

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