Detroit by Rickshaw

Detroit News columnist Donna Terek had an interesting article on Detroit’s rickshaws.

We’re seeing more and more bicycles on the streets of Detroit, but the sets of wheels that have been catching my eye lately are three-wheelers. They’re pedicabs or rickshaws, and Mike Rosemond of Detroit is one of a handful of operators pedaling folks around town for modest fares with his Rickshaw Detroit.

“We’re really excited about how the pedicabs are catching on,” says Walker, who was born and raised in Detroit. “We really enjoy changing people’s perception of Detroit.”

“A lot of couples leave here with a really enlightened view of the city,” he says. “I had one couple I was driving when the fireworks started at Comerica Park. They got out and took pictures. They said the ride just made their vacation.”

Jobs don’t get much greener than this.

Also, the Detroit News column included this excellent video. The city and the RiverWalk never looked better.

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