Critical Mass + Pints + Movies

Tomorrow, August 27th is another Critical Mass Ride in Detroit. The rides leaves at 7 PM from the corner of Trumbull and Warren.

As you may know Critical Mass rides began in San Francisco. On Facebook, 1,233 people like the San Francisco Critical Mass compared with 979 for Detroit’s. It’s surprisingly those numbers are not that far apart.

There are thee other events planned in conjunction with the tomorrow’s ride in Detroit.

First is a Pre-Critical Mass Ride that begins at 5pm at the Rivard Plaza on the RiverWalk.

Second is an Aftermass Firkin Ride with $2 Motor City Brewing Weeks Firkin pints at the Cass Cafe, Park Bar, Foran’s, and Third Street Saloon.

And third is movie night at the beautiful Peck Park. According to Wheelhouse Detroit:

We are happy to partner with Walk-in Theatre to present a double feature of TRON and Breaking Away this Friday night! Come after Critical Mass!

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