Complete Streets updates: Detroit and Hamtramck

There is a new Facebook page called Complete Streets in Detroit.

We are asking that you support a Detroit Complete Streets ordinance which will make the city a safer place to walk, bike, and more.

Please consider giving this page a “Like”.

And on a related note, there is the relatively new Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative (DFFC) web site.

In working for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, I serve as co-chair of the DFFC Built Environment committee. One of our major Built Environment goals is to pass a Complete Streets ordinance in Detroit. There is more information about that effort on the DFFC site.

The DFFC is funded through the Kellogg Foundation, and as we mentioned before on m-bike, William K. Kellogg was an active cyclist and lifetime member of the League of American Wheelmen.

Complete Streets in Hamtramck

Last week Model D published a story on Hamtramck’s Complete Streets resolution. Jason Friedmann, Director of Community and Economic Development noted that Complete Streets are extra important in Hamtramck given its large immigrant population¬†and low car ownership.

He says every type of user of the streets should benefit. “People on bikes, pedestrians who are walking, people who are disabled, and not just cars,” are targeted in the resolution.

That’s important in a city like Hamtramck, a hub for new immigrants, a place where more than 30 languages are spoken in school.

“We have a lot of people coming here from different parts of the world, who don’t have cars or can’t afford cars when they first come here,” Friedmann says. “And then a lot of them end up staying here because they like not having cars, being able to get around on a bike or DDOT transportation. Half of our residents, 50 percent of our residents do not have cars.”

The article also briefly discusses the city’s plans for more bike lanes — a project that just needs some grant matching funds in order to move forward.

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