Detroit Works Project’s Environmental Summit on May 5th

The Detroit Works Project is hosting a series of topic-specific meetings to continue gathering community input in the effort to re-imagine Detroit.

Thursday, May 5th from 4pm until 8pm is the Environmental Summit which includes transportation among its many topics. It will be held at the Gleaners Food Bank (2131 Beaufait in Detroit.)

We will discuss: air, waste, water, land, pollution, energy, zoning, green jobs, greenways, environmental justice, remediation, sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling, composting, agriculture, and more…

Share what you are doing to make Detroit a greener city.

Tell the City your environmental vision for Detroit.

Learn about major issues and key opportunities.

Bring your environmental perspective into the Detroit Works Project

Dinner will be provided.

If you’re really industrious, you can review the policy audits which were developed earlier in the Detroit Works Process through consultants. The City Systems – Infrastructure, Transportation, and Sustainability audit covers roads. It’s long and rather dull.

The Landscape, Ecology, and Open Space audit does cover trails, greenways, and parks, while Land Use and Urban Form touches on roads, walkability, bike lanes, and more. The Environment, Remediation and Health audit does connect transportation with health impacts.

There’s much data here and unfortunately it’s spread between these four large PDFs. Still, it looks like a very good starting point.

The Detroit Environmental Summit artwork is by Bec Young. Her artwork is available on-line at

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  1. bec young Says:

    Hello…is it possible to credit me for use of my artwork on the poster?
    I have made it available for use, but would appreciate credit.
    Many thanks!
    bec young/

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    I’ve updated the posting and adding a credit line and link. Thanks for making the poster.

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