State Rep. Santana’s support for biking

The Michigan House recently passed a resolution recognizing May as Bike Month in Michigan. The resolution was introduced by its primary sponsor Representative Harvey Santana from Detroit’s Tenth district.

“I’m proud that the House passed this resolution to help me encourage others to discover the love of biking that I share with countless cyclists in our great state,” Santana said. “Biking to work is an efficient and fun way to get the exercise you need without having to find extra time to work out, as well as a great way to get around town. And this year, with gasoline prices as high as they are, biking to work makes more sense than ever.”

Santana added that while many people think of country roads as a great place to bike, he looks at his own west side Detroit neighborhood as the perfect spot to enjoy a few miles of biking.

“The Tenth District is a perfect place to enjoy biking with Rouge Park being a major part of the district,” he said. “It contains many miles of paved and unpaved trails that residents can safely enjoy. Spring has sprung and the warm weather beckons all of us to get outdoors and enjoy it.”

I’ve known Harvey for many years and worked with him on the Rouge Park hike/bike trails. He was a prolific volunteer and a mountain bike racer.

When Harvey was elected, he asked what legislation could be passed to improve biking in Michigan. I suggested changing making right-hand turn signaling legal for bicyclists. As we’ve mentioned before, the current left-hand in the air sign looks like a wave and is certainly ineffective. We shouldn’t be educating cyclists to use something that few on the road understand. State law should support cyclists using common sense hand signals.

Besides, this change in state law will give a boost to Michigan’s rankings in the Bicycle Friendly States list.

Below is the Michigan Bike Month resolution, which contains some interesting facts about bicycling in Michigan.

Sponsors: Reps. Santana (primary) , Barnett, Bauer, Bledsoe, Brunner, Constan, Darany, Denby, Dillon, Durhal, Geiss, Heise, Huuki, Knollenberg, Kurtz, LeBlanc, Lindberg, Liss, Lori, Poleski, Price, Slavens, Stanley, Switalski and Tyler offered the following resolution:

House Resolution No. 77

A resolution to declare May 2011 as Bike Month in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, An estimated two million Michiganders ride bicycles because it is a viable and environmentally-sound form of transportation and recreation, an excellent form of fitness and provides quality of life and a sense of place; and

Whereas, Thousands of people throughout Michigan will experience the joys of bicycling during the month of May through educational programs, commuting events, trail work days, helmet promotions, and charity rides; and

Whereas, In 2011, thousands of cyclists from across the country will participate in over

300 organized Michigan cycling events to experience our beautiful scenery, many parks, attractions, and historic sites; and

Whereas, Bicyclists are recognized as legitimate roadway users with the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers; and

Whereas, Teaching bicyclists and motorists to share the road is important to ensure the safety and comfort of all users; and

Whereas, Michigan currently has the most mileage of railtrails in the nation; and

Whereas, Michigan has seven nationally recognized Bicycles Friendly Communities, one Bicycle Friendly University and numerous Bicycle Friendly Businesses; and

Whereas, Michigan currently has the most complete streets policies in the nation with at least 40 local ordinances and resolutions that ensure bicyclists will be accommodated in future transportation projects; and

Whereas, Michigan annually hosts the most Ride of Silence events in the world, an international event to honor injured and killed cyclists; and

Whereas, Michigan recently applied to have the first US Bike Route in the country since 1983; and

Whereas, Michigan’s own Horatio Earle led the Good Roads Movement that banded millions of American bicyclists together to promote safer cycling which resulted in the creation of the Michigan State Highway Department (now MDOT) and Woodward Avenue becoming the first mile of concrete highway in the world; and

Whereas, May has been declared National Bike Month by the League of Michigan Bicyclists, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and the Michigan Mountain Biking Association to increase awareness about bicycling opportunities through organized activities such as bike-to-work days and bicycle rodeos for children; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body

declare May 2011 as Bike Month in the state of Michigan; and be it further

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.

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2 Responses to “State Rep. Santana’s support for biking”

  1. J. Applegate Says:


    Let’s not forget that hand signals are also to be used by motorcyclists in the event of loss of or removal of turn signals . You can’t take your right hand off the handlebar due to the throttle being there. Cyclists aren’t the only ones that are goverened by the hand signal requirements.

  2. Todd Scott Says:


    Good point. I checked and Harvey’s legislation won’t change the law for motorcycles or motor vehicles, just bicyclists.

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