Detroit Bicycle Show and swap meet

A new event from the Bikes and Murder scheduled for March 24, 2012 from 10am until 6pm at Cobo Center.

Detroit’s first Bicycle Show and Swap Meet. Offering 100+ vendors from all over the midwest an opportunity to show, sell and swap bicycles, parts, and everything bikes. This event is held at Cobo Center and brought to you by Detroit’s own Bikes and Murder.

Link to the Detroit Bike City web site (More information, registration, etc.)

Link to the event on Facebook

[Ed. The first bike show in Detroit was actually in 1896, but this is the first one in a while.]

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5 Responses to “Detroit Bicycle Show and swap meet”

  1. Rex Says:

    thanks for posting this!

    Bikes and Murder don’t have this event on their calendar:

  2. " Jim JohnsonChainsaw" Says:

    Just to clear up the whole “first bike show in Detroit”, Petri and Sons Bike Shop has been hosting a bike show for several years at Detroit’s Autorama! It’s been mostly customs with a few vintage bikes along the way. Although Don and Deb (from Petris) won’t be having a show this year, a few FreakBikes will be joining the Rat Rodders in the basement of Cobo Hall for Autorama. Please swing by and introduce yourselves to us. We would be very interested in what you guys have going on.
    Also, I wish you guys all the luck on your upcoming show and I think a few of us FreakBikers are planning on attending.

  3. " Jim JohnsonChainsaw" Says:

    Hey! I got a question.
    Is there gonna be an actual bike show? By this I mean for custom bikes or is it just gonna be a day of showing the latest and greatest manufactured bikes?

  4. Todd Scott Says:

    Jim, I’m not sure if the organizers will see your comments. It would be better to write on the Facebook page or send them at email at

  5. Tmg2015 Says: will be at the show. Jim- But my bike is manufactured. Can I go to the swap anyway?

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