Biking Michigan Avenue with its HOV lanes

HOV lane signage on Michigan Avenue

MDOT recently installed High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) signs along Michigan Avenue from Wyoming to Downtown.  They reserve the rightmost travel lane for vehicles with two or more passengers.  This includes buses.  It wouldn’t include bicycles.

Do that mean cyclists would have to stay out of the HOV lane and ride more in the center of Michigan Avenue?

But to back up first, as noted in the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press articles, Michigan law does not allow for the enforcement of HOV violators. MDOT is looking at changing the law and adding HOV definition and enforcement language.

I contacted MDOT Metro Region Engineer Greg Johnson and shared concerns about how bicycles fit into this mix. Preferably bicycles would continue riding on the right side of the road.  Mr. Johnson forwarded these concerns “to ensure that we take bicyclists into account in this language.”

Of course, long term Michigan Avenue is planned to have bike lanes once it is reconstructed through this stretch.  But for now we just don’t want cyclists getting tickets for riding in a safe and reasonable manner.

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