Dequindre Cut Construction Continues

It’s getting closer.

The expected completion date for Phase I is this summer. It appear the electrical is currently being installed. There is still a lot of steel beams which may be for the Antietam Bridge replacement. The main trail portion (the east half of the right-of-way) is graded, along with the two vehicle access points at Gratiot and Lafayette.

One clarification should be made. Many, including myself thought the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy was responsible for constructing the Cut. They aren’t. The City of Detroit is with the DEGC managing the project. However, once completed, the Conservancy will handle this trail’s operations, maintenance, and programming.

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  1. MCB in the D « Kathe Koja Says:

    […] view comes to us courtesy filmmaker Diane Cheklich, with whom I’d just finished doing the Dequindre Cut (aka the Director’s Cut, since it was Diane, and she was getting visual). It was in the […]

  2. T. R. Morris Says:

    1 mile is fully open. North end is on the south side of Gratiot, west of St. Aubin Street. South end is at Woodbridge, two blocks north of the river. Ample parking at both ends, and paved, nearly traffic-free streets connect it to the Detroit River Walk.

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