Bike Riders United on WDET

In case you missed it yesteday, Ron and Tawanna from Bike Riders United joined Craig Fahle on WDET’s Detroit Today. An MP3 of the show is on-line and the bike segment begins at the midpoint.

Recently, a group of cyclist/activist joined together to successfully challenge the enforcement of a 44 year old Detroit city ordinance, which would have a $55 fine. For those cyclists who failed to registrar their bikes by August 7, 2008. After testimonies with Detroit City Council and Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, the group was successful in stopping the enactment of the ordinance. They’ve also gained assurance and formed a co-operant effort with Detroit City Council to create a new ordinance which will be drafted by cyclists which is more bikes friendly. Tawanna Simpson and Ron Scott from Detroit Bike Riders United join us. Looking for a bike, or a place to fix yours? The Hub is open . Its Midtown’s new non-profit bike shop and eductation center!

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