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Why the Motor City is becoming a cycling mecca

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

This week’s Metro Times produced a very comprehensive look at the state of cycling within the city of Detroit. It’s a must read.

If you’re live in or near Detroit, this will hopefully motivate you to get on that bike and ride in Detroit.

If you’re a suburban cyclist, perhaps you could drop a copy on your city manager’s or county executive’s desk with a note, “If Detroit can do it…”

The article is superbly quotable, but one of our favorites includes quotes from Tom Woiwode of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, which has invested millions into greenways throughout Southeast Michigan.

“The city has really embraced the idea of investing heavily in nonmotorized transportation, and it’s been a terrific transition.”

What? Detroit outpacing the suburbs in a civic improvement? Woiwode responds with an emphatic “Yes.”

You may want to highlight that in yellow marker for your city manager and county exec. It seems many of the cities, townships, and counties think they’re doing plenty for bike friendliness when the reality is much different.

In addition, this Metro Times includes articles called Bike seat conversations and Reading in gear.

Sandra Svoboda, the author of these articles, was also on WDET’s Craig Fahle show. That’s available via podcast. Sandra’s interview begins at 1:34.

Bike Riders United on WDET

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

In case you missed it yesteday, Ron and Tawanna from Bike Riders United joined Craig Fahle on WDET’s Detroit Today. An MP3 of the show is on-line and the bike segment begins at the midpoint.

Recently, a group of cyclist/activist joined together to successfully challenge the enforcement of a 44 year old Detroit city ordinance, which would have a $55 fine. For those cyclists who failed to registrar their bikes by August 7, 2008. After testimonies with Detroit City Council and Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, the group was successful in stopping the enactment of the ordinance. They’ve also gained assurance and formed a co-operant effort with Detroit City Council to create a new ordinance which will be drafted by cyclists which is more bikes friendly. Tawanna Simpson and Ron Scott from Detroit Bike Riders United join us. Looking for a bike, or a place to fix yours? The Hub is open . Its Midtown’s new non-profit bike shop and eductation center!