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Detroit Alleycat & human-powered haircuts

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Don’t expect normal.

Omnicorp Detroit hosted an Halloween-themed alleycat yesterday that ended with complementary human-powered haircuts. Yeah, turn the pedals and make that hair clipper buzz.

Trust us, it worked, but you may not want to try trimming your leg hair as you pedal.

A couple Detroit Halloween rides

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

With the weather taking a turn towards colder temperatures, it’s a great time to pull on a Halloween costume and bike with others.

There are two rides this weekend in Detroit.

Friday is the Critical Mass ride — this month called the Detroit Critical Massquerade. As usual, the ride leaves from Trumbull and Warren at around 7pm.

Saturday at 2pm is the Devils Night Alley Rat Costumed Bike Race. That ride meets outside The United Specialty Produce Door at 1501 Division near Riopelle in Eastern Market.

According to the flyer, there are “Trophies for Podium, DFL” and “Awards for Best/Worst Costume.”

Pedal Press: Media coverage of Detroit’s bike culture

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Assignment Detroit

Time Magazine recently bought a house in Motown as part of their Assignment Detroit project. Why? In their words, “As a story, Detroit has been misunderstood, underreported, stereotyped, avoided and exploited for decades. To get it right, we decided to become stakeholders.”

Their project includes a blog and one of it’s early entries was about biking in Detroit.

In Detroit, there are cars. And then there is something known as non-motorized transportation.

That means bicycles, y’all.

Believe it or not, people in the Car Capital of the World love their bikes. And there is a huge movement to create a culture here that is friendlier to two wheels than four.

Yep. Believe it.

Alleycats in Detroit

Model D once again has some great coverage of Detroit’s biking scene, include this article on Alley Cats (which also drifts into the Tour de Troit and greenways…)

Since 2006, [Ron] Shelton has organized Alleycats in Detroit. These unsanctioned cycling races draw riders from throughout the metro area to compete in a crisscrossing sprint down streets and through intersections. Participants fly from checkpoint to checkpoint, collecting clues and directions to their next destination while dodging cars and other riders. The course tests both the riders’ knowledge of the city and their guts as they navigate a virtual collision course that backtracks and veers over 35 miles.

“People don’t realize it, but in Detroit, we have ridiculously wide roads that are ready to be converted to include bike lanes,” [Shelton] says. “Michigan has a lot of potential for cycling and has many fantastic trails already.”

Aaron Wagner, an organizer for the annual Tour De Troit agrees. “Definitely there’s been an upswing in biking in Detroit,” he said. “With the opening of the Detroit RiverWalk and bike shops like the Wheelhouse and the Hub, it’s gotten a lot more people into it. We’re seeing more people leaving their cars at home and riding their bikes to work.”

Don’t forget that the next Alleycat is in Hart Plaza on October 30th. The time has not been posted yet but we’re guessing it’ll be after the critical mass ride.

Tour de Troit

And finally Model D and Tom Hendrickson have made a great video on this year’s Tour de Troit bike ride. Tour Director Bil Lusa provides some commentary on the ride.