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Detroit’s new bike lockers

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Did you know Detroit recently added six new bike lockers?

What are they? They are storage units for parking you bicycle. They offer a very secure, comprehensive means of securing your bike, but especially those fancy bikes with expensive, easy-to-remove parts.

Detroit’s lockers are located at the corner of Farnsworth and John R, in the northwest corner of the Science Center parking lot. They’re conveniently in between the Science Center, Detroit Institute of Arts, Scarab Club, and CCS.

Yes, you can now safely park your fancy Amsterdam bike to go admire the DIA’s Dutch Masters and not have to worry that someone might mess with your basket.

These lockers were installed by Midtown Detroit/UCCA as part of the Midtown Loop, Phase I.

While the usage policy has not been posted, but they are open to the public. You will need to provide your own lock and you can’t use the lockers overnight.