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The Battle for Bike Lanes in Windsor

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

img_2055The photo on the right was taken yesterday while exploring a great bakery in Windsor’s historic Sandwich area.

The lead Windsor Star article is on-line. The synopsis?

Riverside Drive residents angry over losing small city-owned chunks of land fronting their properties to make way for bike lanes have launched a court challenge against the city’s plan.

This Windsor city plan for bike lanes and other traffic calming has already been approved. This same group of residents contested the environmental assessment but it’s been upheld by the Province, so now they’re suing.

Councillor Alan Halberstadt didn’t pull punches when he told the Windsor Star:

“It’s another delaying tactic,” Halberstadt said. “It’s a case of a few rich people holding up a better way of life for the city. It’s unfortunate our court system allows that to happen.

“The major concern is we are taking a part of property they have been using for years. That’s their hidden agenda.”

Besides Halberstadt, Windsor has some very good cycling advocates that are on top of this issue, including Bike Windsor and Embrace the Bike. We’ve got great confidence in them persevering on this matter and making Riverside a great place to bike from end to end.