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New graffiti on the Dequindre Cut

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

New grafitti on Detroit's Dequindre CutIt’s not everyday you see a car parked in the new Dequindre Cut.

But it was legit.

There were three artists adding graffiti. By the end of the day, their work was complete.

Model D has an article discussing this trail enhancement project.

Acting as project curators, CAID director Aaron Timlin and curator of graffiti art Tom Stoye selected four artists to create original murals along the Cut. Three writers — MALT, PHERS and TEAD — have completed murals on one wall near the Gratiot portion of the Cut, with an additional piece by GAME to be created in the same area this coming weekend.

According to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, other non-commissioned grafitti continues to be added in other parts of the Cut.

We should also note that the sidewalk improvements from the Dequindre Cut to Eastern Market along Gratiot Avenue appear to be nearly complete. This is a major improvement.

Metro Detroit biking in the media

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Dequindre Cut

It’s grand opening in May officially kicked off the Summer of Dequindre Cut Love. It was far and away the most talked about trail at the MTGA RiverDays booth. And at the Palmer Park Green Fair, Lt. Governor John Cherry was quick to locate the Dequindre Cut on the Detroit Greenways brochure.

The word is out.

And one major reason is the world class graffiti along the Cut. Yesterday’s Detroit News ran an article that discusses that graffiti with some of the artists that created it. The article includes both a video and an audio tour. It was interesting to learn that some of the graffiti is over 20 years old.

Additional link: Photos of the Dequindre Cut graffiti prior to the trail construction

Detroit Ferry Service?

Currently the only convenient means for getting ones bike across the Detroit River into Canada is by driving it. That may change as the Wayne County Port Authority will soon have support facilities for ferry service on the RiverWalk. The Free Press is reporting their receipt of $7 million in funding to further that effort thanks to Senator Carl Levin.

Imagine if taking your bike to Windsor, Canada was as straightforward as taking it to Mackinaw Island (with customs, of course.)

Special Needs Bike Camp

Today’s Detroit News has a great article called, Bike camp clears hurdle for special needs children:

Because of their limitations, only 10 percent of children with Down syndrome and 18 percent of children with autism can ride a bike, said Dale Ulrich, director of U-M’s Center for Physical Activity & Health in Pediatric Disabilities.

But after the camp, most who attend can ride a bike, and the study is finding the children are more likely to stay physically active, leading to many health benefits. This is especially good for children with Down syndrome since it often leads to excess weight. Children with autism often suffer from sleep disorders that are treated with medications, some of which cause weight gain.

Besides the health benefits, learning how to ride a bike also helps the children become more social, verbal and independent, Ulrich said.

No Sidewalks

This Free Press article, Road sound raises residents’ fury, shows how backwards some communities can be.

…The residents did post one victory. The township board agreed not to run a sidewalk alongside Square Lake Road.

“The beautification project is not most important right now, safety is the issue,” township Clerk Janet Roncelli said.

Apparently pedestrians safety is not a priority for Bloomfield Township.

Downsizing Detroit

The Free Press revisits how we can manage the downsizing of Detroit. While not directly about biking, a planned downsizing would lead to vast greenspace and opportunities for additional greenways and trails.

And in a related vein, the Detroit News is noting the return of wildlife within the city, including red foxes.

The red fox is carving out a place of its own deep into downtown, joining the ranks of raccoons, skunks, opossum, white-tailed deer and red-tailed hawks finding homes in untended lots, houses and buildings in the rusting one-time car capital.

And don’t forget the red-necked pheasants!

Dequindre Cut Grand Opening Updates

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

img_2244The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy has announced the many activities planned for Thursday’s much anticipated grand opening of the Dequindre Cut.

A community parade. The MLK Band. Guided tours. Cooking demonstations. Free pizza.

Just like the trail itself, the grand opening will be world class.

And in preparation for this event, the unwelcomed grafitti tagging on the call boxes has been removed. The asphalt which was damaged during the Antietam Bridge construction has been replaced. Landscaping is being cleaned up.

Speaking of grafitti, prior to the trail’s construction, we documented the best grafitti art in the Cut. Those photos are now on-line. Unfortunately some of that grafitti was destroyed during the trail’s construction.

The Free Press and Model D have published articles about the opening as well.