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Job opening involving greenways

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan (CFSEM) has been a longtime leader for encouraging greenway development and sustainable urban planning, not just in Detroit, but through out the seven-county Southeast Michigan region. And that encouragement has been more than just words. They’ve helped bring million of dollars to the table through their GreenWays Initiative.

And they have just posted a job opening for a program officer.

Position Summary

The Program Officer provides leadership, guidance and a broad range of expertise in support of the Foundation’s greenways and sustainable community strategies, community development work, community engagement, grantmaking and educational programs.  The position has in?depth knowledge of urban planning, greenway or open space planning, and community development, including current issues and key networks, public and private revenue streams.  The Program Officer should have an understanding and experience in using online networks and social media to drive program implementation.

The list of job responsibilities, qualifications, and how to apply are listed on this PDF.

Making connections with Detroit Greenways

Monday, August 30th, 2010

The Heritage Newspaper’s Press and Guide had a recent article on greenways in Metro Detroit.

It’s a good article with a focus more on the Dearborn, Detroit, and Downriver areas.

Still, we’re a little unclear about some statements.

Detroit is leading the way in the endeavor, and currently has more greenways than any other city in the country, quite a change for a city that built its reputation on the automobile. In Detroit’s favor, it is a city with many, many miles of unused railways, which advocates hope will eventually be converted totally to greenways.

We’re not sure the city of Detroit has more greenways than any other city, but it could very well be among the leaders from an investment perspective.

And this is a great quote from Tom Woiwode of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

“Ultimately, the goal of the GreenWays Initiative is to connect all the communities in southeast Michigan and to link the system with projects outside the region,” said Woiwode. “In the meantime, watching as greenways are embraced by a region known for the automobile continues to be a pleasure.”

The article does end on a flat note.

“Every day, we are a little closer to being able to travel the whole tri-county area without ever setting foot on a road.”

That’s neither true nor realistic — and not even desirable. Many of the planned greenways in Detroit are partially, if not 100% on the road.

Riding on roads is not a bad thing to be avoided. What we need to avoid is building roads that don’t safely accommodate bicyclists. We need Complete Streets.

Chances are we’re not building a greenway to your front door. Or your school. Or your work. We just need to fix the roads between your starting and ending points.

Greenways, Riverwalk, and Dequindre Cut Blogging

Monday, September 15th, 2008
Photo by Marvin Shaouni

Photo by Marvin Shaouni

Tom Woiwode knows greenways. ?He’s been at the forefront of the movement in Metro Detroit since 2001 when he led development of the GreenWays Initiative.

At the end of August, Tom wrote a series of guest blogs covering topics from the Dequindre Cut to the Riverwalk to other trails and greenways in Metro Detroit. ?The resulting blog entries are some of the best you’ll read on trails and what they mean to the people and communities that build and use them.

Thanks to Metromode and Model D for putting these on-line. ?The photo was taken by Marvin Shaouni.

Detroit Public Television video: Pathways for People

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

DPTV video on demandLast year, Detroit Public Television aired a half-hour segment on greenways and trails in the Metro-Detroit area called “Pathways for People.” It’s a well put together look at trails and their importance. If you have the time, you can now watch that video on-line. Pathway for People

FHWA Gives Award for Southeast Michigan Trail Efforts

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Congratulations to M-DOT, the GreenWays Initiative, and the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance for their award and much-deserved recognition from the Federal Highway Administration.

MDOT honored for leadership role in GreenWays Initiative in Southeast Michigan: “A 100-mile network of non-motorized trails and greenways in southeast Michigan has been honored by the Federal Highway Administration.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Director Kirk T. Steudle accepted the award for ‘exceptional environmental stewardship’ at the Nov. 29 State Transportation Commission meeting in Lansing. ‘This award reflects our commitment to making non-motorized trails available as a transportation mode,’ said Steudle. ‘Trails are a part of the transportation mix that is essential to protecting the health and well being of Michigan residents, and greenways contribute to enhancing quality of life.'”