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More updates on the Corktown Pump Track

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Brian rides the Corktown Pump TrackThe new pump track in Detroit’s Corktown neighboorhood is causing a buzz and rightly so. It’s a great, low cost recreation alternative for a city with plenty of vacant open space.

And open space was a key discussion point at yesterday’s Finding Common Ground for a Sustainable Detroit conference. Dan Pitera, Director of the Detroit Community Design Collaborative noted that there is 1,045 square feet of open space for every Detroit resident. In San Francisco, there is 190 square feet per resident.

Yes, every Detroit resident could have their own pump track.

But at this point Corktown is it. Fortunately, the Corktown Residents’ Council Planning Committee are looking ahead. They are documenting what they’ve done and expect to share the plans and process for other Detroit neighborhoods. They have plans for some landscaping, benches, and more. They’re also looking at how to make sure the kids in the neighborhood have access to bikes.

The Department of Public Health and Wellness has a couple programs aimed at increasing youth activity. They are very interested in the pump track due to its simplicity, low cost, and low susceptibility to vandalism. It’s just dirt.

There are also some similarities between pump tracks and the city’s efforts to foster community gardening. Both are often build on vacant, require water, are community efforts, and build stewardship.

Also, a couple videos have been made of the Corktown project. The first is a cool one from MattMTB which shows the pump track being constructed.

And this one is from the Detroit Free Press.

The group of riders going past the pump track was the Detroit Synergy Java Junket — a group ride between some of Detroit’s coolest coffee shops.

North Corktown pump track under construction

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Corktown Pump Track constructionThis weekend a pump track is being built in the North Corktown neighborhood near MLK and Trumbull.

What is a pump track? From the Corktown Pump Track page on Facebook:

A pump track is a continuous dirt loop, similar to a BMX track but smaller, which can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels safely. They require little maintenance, promote healthy living & exercise and can beautify & transform a small space. This particular pump track was inspired by the wonderful kids that live in the direct vicinity of this location.

But to really get an understanding of it, you may want to a watch a video of someone riding a pump track.

The construction begins tomorrow, November 14th at 10am. They hoping to have it completed and rideable by Sunday.

This is a great location for a bike-related attraction. It’ll be on the Corktown/Mexicantown Greenlink, which includes bike lanes on MLK and Trumbull.

This is also on the same block as the Spirit of Hope which had a blessing of the bikes earlier this year.

So, how many major cities have a pump track located just a few blocks away from their central business district, a major casino, and a number of urban farms with chickens, goats, and hogs?

Riding in Detroit is not always pretty, but it’s always pretty interesting.