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Getting Bikes Lanes in Michigan and Windsor

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Coincidenly there were two videos posted yesterday about getting bike lanes in our area.

The first video is from the good folks at Scaledown. As we recently noted there’s a big battle brewing in Windsor over extending bike lanes along Riverside Drive. Their video reveals the likely source of resistance to the bike lanes: the landowners have apparently encroached on the Riverside Drive right-of-way.

This second video is from Mike Wendland whose enjoying the bike lanes while vacationing in Florida. Mike asks why we can’t have these in Michigan?

Talking about Detroit biking on the Radio

Monday, January 26th, 2009

scaledownToday (Monday, January 26th) at noon I’ll be on CJAM radio (95.1 FM) to discuss biking in Detroit.

The program is called Scaledown Radio and it hails from Windsor.  The program hosts also have a web site call Scaledown with a vision to “connect every Windsorite to their own walkable neighborhood that has its own public spaces, local independent businesses and artists.”

Though the CJAM  listening area is limited to Windsor and Southwest Detroit, you can listen to it as an audio stream on the Internet.  Just visit the CJAM web site to lean more.