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Candidate pushes livability in Wayne County Commission election

Monday, November 1st, 2010

A recent Free Press article discusses current Michigan senators running for seats on the Wayne County Commission.

It’s great to seeĀ Senator Raymond Basham mention livability — a term that’s getting much use by Ray LaHood, the U.S. DOT Secretary.

Basham, running in the 15th District, is most recently known for spearheading the smoking ban in Michigan this year. He also supported raising the state’s minimum wage.

At the county level, he said he wants to improve transportation, enforce environmental laws and create “livable cities” so residents can walk and bike in their communities.

That’s great to read.

While Wayne County has said they no longer oppose bike lanes on their roads, they haven’t built any yet claiming it’s a money issue. Still, there are funding sources that pay for adding such features and we’re not aware of the County pursuing those.

However, there are early discussions about adding bike lanes to the County’s portion of Conner Avenue in Detroit as part of the Conner Creek Greenway.

We could use a leader on this issue on the County Commission.

We should note that Basham was also a leader in the Michigan Senate. He’s been supportive of bike friendly legislation and Complete Streets, especially as Minority Vice ChairĀ on the Senate Transportation Committee.

Basham is running in Wayne County’s 15th district which includes Romulus, Taylor, Flat Rock, Huron Township and Brownstown Township.