Committee votes to drop bike license fines

Bike registration law rolls toward repeal

A group bike ride in Detroit

A Back Alley Bikes/Trips for Kids Detroit ride through Downtown

Detroit’s Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee wants to put the brakes on enforcing the bicycle licensing program. During today’s public hearing, the Committee heard many perspectives from the police and public.

Councilwoman Sheila Cockrel motioned for removing all of the current bike licensing language. She wants to meet with the police and stakeholder groups (including cyclists) during the Council’s August recess to develop new bicycle ordinance language that makes sense.

There was perhaps a three dozen cyclists in attendance, most of whom provided public comment in support of the motion. Some cyclists in the audience had already received tickets for riding a bicycle without a license. One cyclist had also received a ticket for not having a bell or horn on their bike — another Detroit ordinance.

Perhaps the best quote of the day was from Bike Riders United’s Ron Scott. Scott invited the police to “Get on the bike with us and ride in the same direction.”

The Committee motion was approved and will be voted on by the entire Council tomorrow.

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  1. Tavola Says:

    One morning after work, I was talking to a friend on the phone and suggested that I would ride my bike as a form of exercise. My friend asked if I had a license for by bycycle. I said “no”. I replied back by saying since when did I need a license for my bike. She wasn’t sure but we both laughed at the idea of needing a license for a bicycle. I did a search on the inter-net and yes it was true. Things have really gotten bad if you need to purchase a license to ride your bike for relaxation or just riding to get to work. What next paying for the air we breath…

  2. Hearing for New Detroit Bicycle Registration | Says:

    […] This new ordinance is voluntary and replaces the mandatory registration ordinance removed last summer. […]

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