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SMART Bus Bike Rack Update

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
A small celebration when the SMART bus bike racks were first introduced

Celebrating the first SMART bus bike racks at the State Fairgrounds in April 2004

Prior to the high gas prices, the question was often asked if the SMART bus bike racks were a success.  SMART thought so.  They attributed increased ridership to the bike racks.

SMART can’t run buses to every address.  Being able to use a bike to get from ones true starting point to a bus stop makes buses more viable for many folks, but especially those in less densely developed areas.

Of course fewer asked about the bus racks’ effectiveness during this year’s bump in gas prices.  The answer was quite visible as many more buses had bikes on them.

At yesterday’s Model D speaker series, a SMART representative said they transported bikes 16,000 times last month.  Wow.

In fact due to the increased usage, SMART is now looking to upgrade their bus bike racks so that they carry 3 bikes.

It sounds like that original question won’t be asked as much anymore.

Transit and Bikes come together in Detroit

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

DDOT to get Bike Racks

It began with a Transportation Riders United, MTGA, a bike petition, and others asking for bike racks on DDOT buses.

A bus rack manufacturer loaned DDOT some racks to try out on the Russell line.  Their Bikes on Buses (B.O.B.) program was started.  Meanwhile, DDOT requested funding to equip all of their buses with bike racks.

The great news is MDOT has approved that funding request.  Over a three-year period, all of DDOT line haul buses will get bike racks.

Model D Speaker Series: Bikes + Transit

Next Tuesday, October 21st, the Model D Speaker Series welcomes John Hertel and Scott Clein to the Motor CIty Movie House at the Russell Industrial Center.  The event begins at 5 PM with the presentations starting at 5:30 PM.

From Model D:

Hertel is the local transit czar, and will speak on the the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council’s recently released transit plan for Southeastern Michigan, including a light rail or streetcar system down Woodward Avenue. (Hear more about it here from Model D Radio/Michigan Now reporter Chris McCarrus.)

Clein is an engineer with  Giffels-Webster, the firm which recently helped design a non-motorized plan that calls for more than 400 miles of bike lanes in Detroit. The plan recently got approval from Detroit City Council. Read more about it here.

To sign up for this free event or to get directions, visit Model D.

We’ll see you there!

DDOT Gets Bus Bike Racks

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
SMART bus with a two-bike rack

SMART bus with a two-bike rack

DDOT has listened to our requests.

DDOT has announced that the Russell bus line will include bus bike racks.  They are doing this on a trial basis.  Eventually we may see all  DDOT buses with bike racks similar to what SMART has done.

DDOT is calling this Bikes On Buses or B.O.B.

There are B.O.B. details on-line along with a B.O.B. user guide.  Or you can call DDOT customer service at 313.933.1300.

Special thanks to DDOT and the Transportation Riders United (TRU) for helping push this project forward.  This is a great complement to the bus network, but also a great benefit for Detroit cyclists wanting to get to cycling destinations across the city (e.g. Belle Isle, Riverwalk.)

Petition DDOT for bus bike racks in Detroit

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Thanks to Sean_of_Detroit for creating this on-line petition. It’s a simple and quick way to get your support heard.

For more information, visit this earlier m-bike entry regarding DDOT bus bike racks.

Getting bike racks on DDOT buses

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

SMART bus bike rackSMART buses have them. Lansing CATA buses do too. Flint and Marquette buses are getting them thanks to recent MDOT grants.

So why don’t DDOT buses in Detroit have bike racks?

One big reason is they haven’t received many requests from their customers for them. That’s something we can change.

If having bike racks on DDOT buses is something you would use, please contact DDOT to let them know. Your options include:

  • Writing them a letter (DDOT, 1301 E. Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48207)
  • Calling their customer service line at 313-933-1300.
  • Attending the upcoming DTOGS public open house on May 7th at Wayne State. Talk with the DDOT officials about bike racks on buses. The DTOGS plan would allow bikes on the trains.
  • Testifying at the City budget hearing on May 8th, 5:00 PM, Coleman A. Young Center, 13th floor. Ask City Council for more money than what the Mayor has recommended to help pay for bus bike racks. This gets the message to City Council and the Mayor’s office.
  • Speaking about it at the monthly Customer Comment meetings, which are every third Thursday, 5pm at DDOT, 1301 E. Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48207.
  • Attending the monthly DDOT Advisory Commission meetings, which are held every third Wednesday at 10 am at DDOT, 1301 E. Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48207.  You have the opportunity to bring it up during the open public comment period near the end of the meeting.

Make sure you’re clear about requesting bike racks on the buses versus just installing bike racks at the bus stops.  And, the more times and ways DDOT hears this message, the better our chances for success.

It should also be noted that there was initial opposition from SMART officials for their bike racks. Some of those who originally opposed them are now singing their praises. The rack usage was “far greater” than what they anticipated. It was a noted reasons for their increased ridership. SMART has even discussed upgrading their current 2-bike racks to 3-bike racks.

As for funding, MDOT’s Transportation Enhancements grants program has funded bus bike racks in other Michigan cities. Increased ridership can help offset any additional maintenance that these racks require.