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More ridiculous rules of the road

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

On another web site, someone commented that the communities in Southeast Oakland County have ridiculous bike rules unlike the west side.

The reason we didn’t list any weird west side rules is because we hadn’t looked there.

So, in order to be balanced, here are some more true or false questions:

  1. You cannot sell ice cream from your bike in West Bloomfield
  2. It’s illegal to drive into Kensington Metropark with your bicycle on a rack.
  3. Plymouth police can impound residents’ unlicensed bicycles and it costs $3 to get them back.
  4. It is illegal to use a child trailer on your bike in Northville.


Welcome to the Cause, Electric Bicycles

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

izip-trailz-enlightened-electric-bikeYesterday the Detroit News reported on a new store in Plymouth Michigan that’s selling electric bicycles and electric motor kits. The shop is called eCo Wheelz and they have a pretty thorough web site for a startup.

While some bicycle purists may scoff at those getting an electrical assist, these bikes could increase our numbers and increase demand for safe bicycling facilities such as bike lanes.

Many lack the physical condition to jump right into bicycle commuting. This might ease those folks into a healthier lifestyle.

Are electric bicycles considered bicycles? They are according to federal law so long as they can be pedaled and don’t have too much power.

That means they are allowed in bike lanes and on trails.